1. Postmodern Man

From the recording POSTMODERN MAN

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I am an intellectual
attend important meetings
and ponder the meaning of life
in my spare time

I am an individual
I’m uniquely original
and no one is like me
except for all my friends

But if they can’t hang with me
I don’t need them anyway
to tell me I can smile

And I don’t give a damn
about the fashion or the man
as long as my clothes are in style

And I was once sittin’ pretty
now I’m living in the city
and I’ve seen it all played out
before my time is up
I’m not surprised by anything

I have a short attention span
from too much information
from tube radiation
that’s beamed into my brain

I am a pop philosopher
and though my writing is drivel
It’s bound to be labeled
as someone’s raison d’etre

Because there’s so many truths
being spoken to the youth
that mine’s bound to become one

And if you can conceive it
someone’s certain to believe it
if you tell the Rolling Stone

But don’t make the mistake
of seeking favor from the pagans
yeah, your mama told you so
but it’s the only life
yeah, it’s the only world you know

Postmodern Man, Postmodern Man

Postmodern Man, where do you belong
Can you tell me the truth, is it your truth or my truth?
Are you any less right, am I any less wrong?

Postmodern Man, Postmodern Man

Shouldn’t we believe in something, is there nothing that’s for sure?
Shouldn’t we believe in something, is there nothing sacred anymore?
Shouldn’t we believe in something?
Shouldn’t we believe, don’t you think we can?
Shouldn’t we believe, shouldn’t we believe? Don’t you think we can?

Postmodern Man, Postmodern Man

Nothing to believe in, Nothing to believe in
Everybody’s right until we all fall down and get back up again

Well, do we get back up again?
Can you handle that?

Clint Alphin
© 2015