From the recording POSTMODERN MAN

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Well I know a man, he’s a real go-getter
wears handmade shoes of Italian leather.
He made his money in a bull market
been brown-nosing ‘round deep pockets.

He’s got a house in a part of town
gated off for three miles around.
Ain’t no poor people to be found
except the ones who mow the lawn.

But he keeps everything locked up tight
those freeloaders won’t get a sight.
If they want theirs, they’ll learn to be
in the right place at the right time.

Blessed are the rich.
We’re the chosen ones.
If God didn’t want us to make this money,
then why is it so much fun?

And if we give to the poor,
they’ll only ask for more.
And we’ll just enable them
to scratch that itch,
Oh blessed are the rich.

This world would be much better off
if some people would learn to occupy a job.
Better yet, you better get three,
‘cause that’s what it takes to feed a family.

The politicians tax and spend,
reaching out with their grabbing hands.
It takes a little bit to buy a congressman,
but it’s worth it if you can.

Jesus said the rich ’ll get more
and that we’ll always have the poor.
So the more we’ve got, well, praise the Lord,
He must love us the best.

Oh, it’s a cold world, can’t you see?
If you ain’t got the dough re mi, boys.

Clint Alphin
© 2015