1. Southern Belle
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Winter chill sits at my door
breaths curl like cigarette smoke up at the moon
Whiskey bottle on the floor
found the bottom and my eyes go crazy blue

Ooh, if you had known when years were gold
and you were young enough
that you were strong enough and good enough

Faded photographs bleak hue
southern belle, southern belle
angel’s wings don’t beat for you
southern belle, southern belle

Lonesome train blows down the line
hound dog howling when he hears that whistle whine
Tin-tapped rain roof keeping time
lay me down and let me rest my weary eyes

And breathe the breeze of easy sleep at night
from your own decent life
that leaves you sleeping right all by yourself at night

Silk-striped suitors by her door
southern belle, southern belle
Choose you lead silver or gold
southern belle, southern belle

Front porch sunset, dogwood drive
envy green magnolia eyes
Daddy’s little princess prize
a demon debutante delight

Diamond ring on her left hand
found her an insurance man
working on her ten year plan
to reach that preacher’s promised land

Sermon stretch of blacktop mile
southern belle, southern belle
Sundress Sunday in her smile
southern belle, southern belle

Clint Alphin
© 2010