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All alone in your illusion
a bright vision of another time, another place
You look around at your reflection
real images of what you are, not a moment’s peace

Take some time to justify yourself
realize that you’re not through
Deep emotion from inside the well
it comes in colors bright and true

It comes in a little bit of blue
dark black as the nighttime view
with just enough light to lead you through
the shadows of grey

It comes in a verdant green
bright flashes of jealousy
Oh but brother won’t you set them free
you’ve got to keep feeling through
It’s a little bit of blue

Resolute for resurrection
call on conviction to get you through another day
But the idle mind has no protection
free to follow where it wants you to, and nothing’s changed

Creatures of habit held behind the walls
without a way of getting through
Feeling the fire of our former call
darkest desires dim our view

It comes in an angry red
all embarrassed from the things you said
so unworthy ‘cause of what you did
though you long to be true

It comes in the auburn sun
riding the rays of a new day’s dawn
coming through the clouds to chase you on
‘til the sky’s shinning too
with a little bit of blue

Clint Alphin
© 2010