1. Bail Me Out
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Well, I came home from work this evening
from a low paying job I hate
Moved a stack of bills off the kitchen table
for my TV dinner plate

The leader of the free-market world was on
saying we’re all in dire straits
And it won’t be funny if we can’t get your money
so act now please don’t wait

Well I’m not cruel or set against
lending a man a dime
But it seems like I’ve heard this before
and it don’t smell right this time

So if you’ll permit me and let me
ask you one thing on my mind
Is one damn dollar spent to
leave the squalor of the working man behind?

Who’s gonna’ bail me out?
Who’s gonna’ bail me out?
When all those crooks have cooked their books
lord, who’s gonna’ bail me out?

I’m not asking for a welfare check
but I’m living hand-to-mouth
And investment banks don’t put
gas in my tank so who’s gonna’ bail me out?

Well I’ve been trying to rack my brain
but I’m just a simple man
And I can’t figure out how things
have got so out of hand.

Seems like those who couldn’t buy houses
were told that they can
With nothing out-of-pocket
just to boost the profits
of slick-talkin’ business men.

And just before the house of cards
started falling on the floor
Those silver-tongued devils steeped out the door
with their dough-re-mi in tow
And since all the jobs have gone overseas
to countries that we owe
The American dream is a deadbeat scheme
and Uncle Sam’s a hobo.

Who’s gonna’ bail me out?
Who’s gonna’ bail me out?
Who’s gonna’ pay my mortgage
when my sub-prime loan goes south?

I can’t work enough to pay my bills
so if some C.E.O wants 50 billion
of my tax dollars, excuse me
if I holler “Who’s gonna’ bail me out?”

Who’s gonna’ bail me out?
Who’s gonna’ bail me out?
Who’s gonna’ pay off my credit card
if we’re in a money drought?

Well I can run a bank; watch it tank
just as good as the last person you bought out
So tell me where to go for that sweet severance dough
and I’ll spread the wealth around.

Well we can’t work enough to pay our bills
so if some bald prick wants 700 billion
of our tax dollars, excuse us if we holler
“Who’s gonna’ bail us out?”

Clint Alphin
© 2010