1. Holding Amy
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Streetlights are circling outside tonight
as I stumble in to the parking lot
She sees me, so sweetly, and tells me
she’ll help me get home

I hand her the key and she finds the door
shuffles my feet ‘cross the bedroom floor
and lays with me, saying she’s got
nowhere she needs to be

And all of my life they have told me “Son,
hold on to God, He’s the only one
who’ll keep you, heal you, and stay
beside you when you cry.”
Oh, but God’s in his heaven
and I’m holding Amy tonight

Sit on the couch with the evening show
trade it instead for the radio
Searching for something to keep us
from going to bed

The preacher man’s burning the midnight oil
sowing his seed on the rocky soil
We listen a minute
as he reads a verse from the Bible

“Give all you have in this life to God,
come unto him like a little child
He’ll make a mansion
and give you a place in the sky.”
He says God’s in his heaven
and I’m holding Amy tonight.

Some people will tell you
tell you you’re wrong
Say you pay with your life and your soul
for what you have done

She gets me up and it’s almost dawn
she likes to sleep with the lamplight on
and I try to listen as she tells me
what’s got her worried

I sit up with her in the rocking chair
she falls back to sleep as the sun appears
and I kiss her gently as she lays
her head on my shoulder

I never thought I could love anyone
as much as they told me I could, but oh
She’s got her mother’s eyes
and miracles sure come in all sizes
And I know God’s in his heaven
‘cause I’m holding Amy tonight

Oh yeah God’s in his heaven
and I’m holding Amy tonight.

Clint Alphin
© 2010