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Well my friend you are sitting there
with your heart all in a bind
Someone’s gone, left you all alone
treated you unkind

But there’s a face in another place
that’s bound to make you smile
For today you are a hero
in the eyes of a child

They don’t see you when you’re down
they don’t see you when you cry
All they see is the good in you
through their innocent eyes

They don’t judge you by the flaws
that you see in yourself
They look at you and see you shine
like nobody else

And it’s for certain that broken heart
will be healed in awhile
For today you are a hero
in the eyes of a child

We face our troubles everyday
but that’s just how we’re bound to learn
And we can’t keep ourselves from pain
but better things will come in turn

Well you may hear my voice on the radio
or in some concert hall
But if you never ever know my name
that won’t bother me at all

I will write my song just to sing along
and play a little while
For today I am a hero
in the eyes of a child

Clint Alphin
© 2010