1. Den Of Theives
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Ain’t no use to talk about it
ain’t no use to cry
Your momma and your daddy
and your preacher are bound to die

And you’ll be on your own
On your own
On your own, all alone
Move along, in this world

Momma’s in her apron singing
Daddy’s at the mill
They pulled him off the line
gave him a hundred dollar bill

“Sir you’re on your own”
On your own
Take your pension from the mansions that you built
Move along, in this world

And all I want in this life that I have known:
a good woman beside me to kiss me early in the morning
And my children when they grow let them grow strong
don’t let the den of thieves deceive them when I’m gone

Sister’s got a union man
yeah that’s the way it goes
The union is a man’s best friend
now everybody knows

Because they’re on your side
On your side
Pay your dues, leave the union to decide
Whose side you’re on, in this world

Jesus drove the money lenders
from the temple door
He stood up on the mountain
preaching “blessed are the poor”

But he was crucified
Some folks say he rose again and other folks deny
So we go fighting, in this world

Clint Alphin
© 2010