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Smoke clears on the tears and the fears
of the city that never sleeps
Lights shine bright in the night at
the wasted land

Folks meet in the street shouting out
as the children dance and sing
Voices rejoice at the death
of their fellow man

And if I knew your name
would you call me brother?
And if I knew your shame
would you call me friend?
And if I knew your pain
would you stop and listen?
And we could change the world
by knowing where we’ve been

Spend time in your mind
go around for a drive into your brain
Look at yourself through the eyes
of a child in chains

All clothed in your robes
and your golden gird of self-proclaim
Hungry for nothing more
than a little fame

We may never live together well
Well that don’t mean that we can’t try

We can work a wonder in this world
If we wonder at the world through other eyes

Clint Alphin
© 2010