From the recording Straight To Marrow

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Clint Alphin – Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo
Neilson Hubbard – Bass, Drums, Melotron, Organ, Piano (“Patchwork Journey”)
Kris Donegan – Guitars
Pat Buchanan – Guitars (“The Exception,” “You Lied,” “Should Have Loved”)
Will Kimbrough – Guitars (“Bless Your Heart”)
Evan Hutchings – Drums (“Ain’t That Something,” “Out To California,” “Grandfather; Grandmother”)
Dan Mitchell – Piano (“Bless Your Heart”)
Dean Marold – Bass (“Prove Me Wrong,” “Nobody’s Perfect,” “Patchwork Journey,” “Write Me Off”)
Lindsay Ellyn – Harmony Vocals (“You Lied,” “Should Have Loved”)
Audrey Spillman Hubbard – Harmony Vocals (“Grandfather; Grandmother”)
Mia Rose Lynne – Harmony Vocals (“Prove Me Wrong,” “Write Me Off”)


Come here sweetheart
I’ll give you a head start
Don’t be afraid of the dark
It’s half your life

The moon is an onion
It’ll make you cry some
The sun is a lemon
It stings your eyes

Don’t we grow up?
Don’t we grow up?
We get older
We get wise
Memories leave us
We find Jesus
On our knees
If we get time.

You were a heartbreak
Somebody’s earthquake
Talking ‘bout a fair shake
You never had

You’ve been through seasons
You’ve got your reasons
You wrestled those demons
that drove you mad.

Don’t we grow up?
Don’t we grow up?
Everything gets harder
To understand
Memories linger
And make us strangers
We look for saviors
Where we can.

Don’t we grow up?
Don’t we grow up?
We lose everything
We love
Sometimes words go
Straight to marrow
Only God knows
where we wind up.

Clint Alphin
© 2019