1. You Lied

From the recording Straight To Marrow

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Clint Alphin – Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo
Neilson Hubbard – Bass, Drums, Melotron, Organ, Piano (“Patchwork Journey”)
Kris Donegan – Guitars
Pat Buchanan – Guitars (“The Exception,” “You Lied,” “Should Have Loved”)
Will Kimbrough – Guitars (“Bless Your Heart”)
Evan Hutchings – Drums (“Ain’t That Something,” “Out To California,” “Grandfather; Grandmother”)
Dan Mitchell – Piano (“Bless Your Heart”)
Dean Marold – Bass (“Prove Me Wrong,” “Nobody’s Perfect,” “Patchwork Journey,” “Write Me Off”)
Lindsay Ellyn – Harmony Vocals (“You Lied,” “Should Have Loved”)
Audrey Spillman Hubbard – Harmony Vocals (“Grandfather; Grandmother”)
Mia Rose Lynne – Harmony Vocals (“Prove Me Wrong,” “Write Me Off”)


Silhouettes from streetlights
call ‘em shadows if you’re scared
cigarettes in sidewalk cracks
dissolve into the Earth

And I’m walking on this street alone
thinking love’s an evil word
The best that I can hope for now is shelter.

Businessmen in buildings
sorted neatly in their rows,
Filed away and catching
flakes of sun from shaded windows

Beneath the masts of merchant ships
my feet keep track of street stones
Thoughts upon the thousand tongues
of talkers on their telephones.

Feature faces 15 stories high
The world runs ragged ‘round
under their eyes

And we once stood where winds blew West
And you said I’d be over you in time.

You lied. You lied. You lied.
You lied to me.

Cast aside your petty prayers
Save your shouts of jubilation
A painted smile, and eggshell face,
you greet the congregation.

All you sisters, brothers, soldiers, sinners
heed the voice of reason.
How can you be sad when all
your sins have been forgiven?

Wandering eyes and evil idle minds
Learn to keep your silence
my good child.

For meek and humble men will reign
and evil will be cast into the fire.

You lied. You lied. You lied.
You lied to me.

Clint Alphin
© 2019