From the recording Straight To Marrow

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Clint Alphin – Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo
Neilson Hubbard – Bass, Drums, Melotron, Organ, Piano (“Patchwork Journey”)
Kris Donegan – Guitars
Pat Buchanan – Guitars (“The Exception,” “You Lied,” “Should Have Loved”)
Will Kimbrough – Guitars (“Bless Your Heart”)
Evan Hutchings – Drums (“Ain’t That Something,” “Out To California,” “Grandfather; Grandmother”)
Dan Mitchell – Piano (“Bless Your Heart”)
Dean Marold – Bass (“Prove Me Wrong,” “Nobody’s Perfect,” “Patchwork Journey,” “Write Me Off”)
Lindsay Ellyn – Harmony Vocals (“You Lied,” “Should Have Loved”)
Audrey Spillman Hubbard – Harmony Vocals (“Grandfather; Grandmother”)
Mia Rose Lynne – Harmony Vocals (“Prove Me Wrong,” “Write Me Off”)


I’m thinking about a woman with pretty eyes
Lord, the way she looks at me’s a little bit shy
and a little bit looking like
she wants me to take her home
Oh, maybe it’s the liquor talking
Maybe it’s the being alone.

She’s got sweet little lips, she’s a good kisser
Well I think we might’ve been the right fit
but I can get a little timid with my talking
when my heart is gone
I might have tried to love her
but I know she can’t stay long.

Because she says she’s going out to California
Don’t you know that place is shaking into the sea?
And the same sun that shines down on California
shines on Nashville, Tennessee.

She’s a pretty good singer but she won’t tell
You gotta do a little digging
if you want to hear for yourself.
She makes you work a little harder
but it’s fine with me.
I wouldn’t change a thing about her
but she’ll be where she wants to be.

And she says she’s going out to California
Don’t you know that whole damn state is running dry?
And the same stars that shine out in California
shine brighter in the Nashville sky.

The first time that I kissed her
I wasn’t sure that it really counted
and I was walking on a road that
I hadn’t been down in such a long time.

The last time that I kissed her
Oh, I knew there was something behind it.
And I guess I would have moved a little slower
if I knew it was the last time.

But she says she’s going out to California
Where I hear the traffic’s so bad you just sit still.
And I can’t say I’ve ever wanted anything in California,
but I know someday, I will.

Clint Alphin
© 2019