From the recording Straight To Marrow

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Clint Alphin – Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo
Neilson Hubbard – Bass, Drums, Melotron, Organ, Piano (“Patchwork Journey”)
Kris Donegan – Guitars
Pat Buchanan – Guitars (“The Exception,” “You Lied,” “Should Have Loved”)
Will Kimbrough – Guitars (“Bless Your Heart”)
Evan Hutchings – Drums (“Ain’t That Something,” “Out To California,” “Grandfather; Grandmother”)
Dan Mitchell – Piano (“Bless Your Heart”)
Dean Marold – Bass (“Prove Me Wrong,” “Nobody’s Perfect,” “Patchwork Journey,” “Write Me Off”)
Lindsay Ellyn – Harmony Vocals (“You Lied,” “Should Have Loved”)
Audrey Spillman Hubbard – Harmony Vocals (“Grandfather; Grandmother”)
Mia Rose Lynne – Harmony Vocals (“Prove Me Wrong,” “Write Me Off”)


There’s a thing that the Southerners say
some folks don’t understand
But I guess you can mean it the wrong way
and somebody might take offense

It’s just a sweet little useful phrase
for when something don’t sit right
but you’ve got to keep up appearances
when you’re trying to be polite.

Bless Your Heart
That’s the thing you say
When you just can’t put it
Any other way

When you’re on the spot
and you don’t want to fight
You can keep everything alright
and just say “Bless Your Heart.”

Well you’ve gotta’ get something to eat
and you’re running a bit behind
So you go through the drive-through window
thinking you’re gonna’ save some time

But the fella’ he’s not all there
can’t give you the proper change
He spills the coffee on your business suit
and you didn’t want onion rings.

Aww Bless His Heart
He’s a child of God
He’s just doing
his sorry job

And you don’t know
what he’s going through
You’d want him to do the same for you
say “Bless His Heart”

You can say what you want to say
about folks raised up down South
We can be a little bit hard-headed
thinking we’ve got it figured out

And try hard as I may
to help everybody get along
Sometimes it feels like my mouth
is where my foot belongs.

Well Bless My Heart
I’m stupid too.
I don’t always know
what’s right for you

But if I beg your pardon
would you give me grace?
Cuss me to my back
but tell me to my face
Bless My Heart

Bless Our Hearts
We’re getting by
Farther along, we’ll
see eye to eye

But until then,
I’ll call you brother
and we can begin
to love each other
Bless Our Hearts

Yes, until then
You’re my sister or my brother
and we can begin
to love each other
Bless Our Hearts.

Clint Alphin
© 2019