1. Prove Me Wrong

From the recording Straight To Marrow

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Clint Alphin – Lead Vocals, Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo
Neilson Hubbard – Bass, Drums, Melotron, Organ, Piano (“Patchwork Journey”)
Kris Donegan – Guitars
Pat Buchanan – Guitars (“The Exception,” “You Lied,” “Should Have Loved”)
Will Kimbrough – Guitars (“Bless Your Heart”)
Evan Hutchings – Drums (“Ain’t That Something,” “Out To California,” “Grandfather; Grandmother”)
Dan Mitchell – Piano (“Bless Your Heart”)
Dean Marold – Bass (“Prove Me Wrong,” “Nobody’s Perfect,” “Patchwork Journey,” “Write Me Off”)
Lindsay Ellyn – Harmony Vocals (“You Lied,” “Should Have Loved”)
Audrey Spillman Hubbard – Harmony Vocals (“Grandfather; Grandmother”)
Mia Rose Lynne – Harmony Vocals (“Prove Me Wrong,” “Write Me Off”)


I know how this works
I’m hung up on her
And I’ll miss the second glances
And the chances that you give me
To move on.

In a year she’ll marry him
I’ll be hung up on you by then
But we won’t talk quite as much
And you’ll have such a different
Picture of me drawn
Like a friend from home

Oh, but prove me wrong
Prove me wrong
Prove to me your eyes can see my eyes
And I’m not living here alone
Prove me wrong.

I’ve tried all I can
To break up the pattern that I spin
But it’s wrapped itself around me
‘Til it’s hard to tell
The difference from my skin.

I’ve been on this path for years
Trapped in the rut cut by my wheels
And sometimes I feel like turning
But I risk upsetting all that keeps me down
On familiar ground

But prove me wrong
Prove me wrong
Help me break this wreck and build it back
To head directions no one’s gone
Prove me wrong

Oh, but prove me wrong
Prove me wrong
Lend me your ears, give me your tears
And we'll have years
to help each other carry on
Prove me wrong

Clint Alphin
© 2019